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James Bullington P.E.

James Bullington, P.E.

Chief Technology Officer

James Bullington, Professional Engineer, is the chief technology officer (CTO). He joined LSINC in 2012 as director of engineering and was then promoted to vice president of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing.

As CTO, Bullington develops key relationships to advance growth in niche markets and focus on innovation in technology areas. He also is responsible for ensuring protection of the company’s intellectual property as it pertains to engineering and product development.

Bullington, who holds more than eleven patents, is a Professional Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and deep experience in product engineering devices from electronic enclosures the size of a business card to flight simulators 27 feet tall.

His background includes extensive work in thermal and structural analysis, molded design, conceptualization of new products, electronics integration, manufacturing enablement, minimizing production costs, and mechanical engineering.