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Direct to Object Printing

Digital Printing Craftsmanship

LSINC engineers have highly specialized digital print design expertise, backed by 15 years of experience. We can leverage our sound engineering principles, external vendor relationships, and low volume adaptable manufacturing to bring your printing ideas to reality.

We continue to expand our capabilities for printing on difficult geometric designs, instituting performance enhancements, and increasing throughput to help our customers meet market demand.

Only LSINC can partner with you through the entire process to help ensure your success.

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Benefits of Direct-to-Object Printing

Direct to Object printing takes a 2D digital image and applies it onto a 3D object with UV digital ink. It propels tiny droplets of ink onto plastic, metal, glass, or other substrates and cures them in place.

Benefits include the following:

  • Allows for printing on almost any size and shape
  • Allows for print on demand
  • Faster print cycles
  • Inline curing
  • In production variability of graphics
  • Repeatability
  • Volume flexibility
  • Specialized inks to match substrates, improving adhesion
  • Higher image quality
  • Low setup cost
  • Eco-friendly