LSINC has expertise in the core capabilities of Strategy & Intelligence, Strategic Communications, Product Development, Engineering & Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, and Low-Volume Adaptable Production. Individually, these competencies address the fundamentals needed to make purposeful business decisions, approach new opportunities with confidence, clearly communicate corporate messaging, and successfully design, engineer, prototype, and produce new products.

LSINC takes it one step further. Our overarching expertise in business strategies, market intelligence, strategic communications, and product development gives us the unique ability to take your product or service from concept to development to launch.

If you are introducing new products or capabilities to the marketplace, struggling with changes in your business environment, or need help aligning your leadership team to a new vision and direction, LSINC is your trusted partner.

With proven methodologies in place, LSINC takes a customized approach for each project. LSINC will listen, analyze, research, assess, document, and strategize. Then we will communicate a clear, well-supported plan for success.

Strategy &  Intelligence
In-depth Market Research
Competitive Intelligence
Actionable Strategic Direction
Flexible Strategic Framework
Organizational Assessment
Leadership Assessment
Funding Assessment
Stakeholder Assessment
Technology Positioning Assessment
Strategic Communications
Message Architecture
Communications Implementation Plan
Plan Execution & Support
Audit and Evaluation
Marketing Strategies
Executive Communication
Change Management
Internal Communication
Communication Collateral
Engineering Product Development
Product Architecture
Mechanical Engineering/Design
Manufacturing Enablement
Tooling Reviews
Cost Reduction Strategies
Project Management
Reverse Engineering
Manufacturing Process Instructions
Engineering & Analysis
Test & Evaluation
Program Management
Government Testing & Support
T&E Program Support
Intelligence Systems
Thermal Analyses
Structural Analyses
Manufacturing Enablement
Rapid Prototyping
3D PolyJet Printing
Quick-turn parts
Cast Resin Plastics Prototyping
Multiple Colors or Clear
Automatic Vacuum Resin Casting
CNC Multi-axis Milling and Routing
Manual Lathing & Grinding
Down-Draft Paint Booth
Plastics Repair and Refurbishment
Scale Models & Simulators
High Fidelity and Detail
Scale Models or Full-Size
Presentation or Training
Intelligence & Security
Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)
Program Protection
Insider Threat
SCIF Operations Management