Our Intelligence and Security team operates under the highest standards when providing support to federal and commercial clients. We work together with the department of defense and intelligence community to mitigate threats and manage secure operations. We recruit top professionals from our robust recruiting network to deliver proven solutions. Our experts work proactively with our customers to develop and implement Intelligence and Security solutions across the United States.

Counterintelligence (CI) Support

LSINC Intelligence and Security professionals conduct CI activities to detect, identify, assess, exploit, penetrate, degrade and counter or neutralize foreign intelligence collection efforts, sabotage, espionage, and terrorist activities.

Products and Services
checkAnalyze Critical Program Information (CPI) vulnerability
checkIdentify and analyze foreign intelligence threats
checkVulnerability identification and analysis
checkCI integration into Cyberspace and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
TSCM investigations and operations for conferences, facilities, global deployment activities, and exercises
checkDevelop CI threat information plans
checkCounterintelligence analysis
checkAssess Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE) collection platforms and techniques
checkClassified and unclassified research and analysis of Criminal, Terrorist, and Foreign intelligence threat information
checkPrepare and deliver CI foreign travel briefings and CI Snapshot presentations
checkFacilitate CI Awareness and Reporting (CIAR)
checkLiaison with federal, state, tribal, local, and host nation CI, intelligence, and Law Enforcement agencies

Program Protection

LSINC Program Protection professionals plan and assess antiterrorism, physical security, and insider threat programs to deliver trusted systems and ensure that programs adequately protect technology, components, and information.

Products and Services
checkImplement physical security requirements for secure facilities and test program sites
checkProvide facility/site accreditation and/or decertification
checkConduct and review secure facilities designs
checkSupport the antiterrorism and insider threat program with facility vulnerability assessments
Update infrastructure protection and security programs databases
Validate and verify contract classification specifications
Execute physical security site surveys and operations security
checkPerform classification determinations
checkDevelop and deliver security awareness materials
checkImplement test security plans
Provide electronic security performance documentation
checkAdminister facility access control system
checkProvide Special and Personnel Security support

Supply Chain Risk Management

LSINC provides expertise in System Security Engineering (SSE), Program Protection (PP) and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) to mitigate and manage risks to advanced technology and mission-critical system functionality from foreign collection, design vulnerability or supply chain exploitation/insertion, and battlefield loss throughout the acquisition lifecycle.

Products and Services
checkPerform SCRM threat assessments, analyses, audits, and evaluations
checkIssue Critical Program Information reports
checkImplement and update SCRM key practices
checkExecute program Systems Security Engineering requirements
Develop and implement mitigation techniques

Integrate SCRM with Trusted System and Networks (TSN) Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
Develop outline for Threat Mitigation Cell
checkCreate SCRM Lessons Learned documents
checkEstablish SCRM best practices for sourcing and collecting counterintelligence for threats
checkExecute Program Protection Plan
Comply with SCRM for Trusted Systems and Networks
Provide Supply Chain Management trainingcheck
checkIntegrate foreign intelligence and security service data into Supply Chain Threat Assessments (SCTA)

Insider Threat

LSINC Insider Threat professionals assimilate, evaluate, and interpret multiple sources of information to detect foreign intelligence, criminal and insider threats. Activities include assisting with drafting requirements and gathering relevant information from the Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and CI communities.

Products and Services
check2Gather and integrate information derived from CI, Security, Information Assurance (IA), HR, Law Enforcement, user-based computer monitoring, and other information sources
checkMaintain Insider Threat observables catalog
Implement Automated Information Systems (AIS) documentation plan
checkDevelop software engineering solutions for monitoring and analyzing threat activity
Generate Insider Threat data collection reporting

Create Insider Threat analysis reports

SCIF Management

LSINC Security and Intelligence professionals assist with requests, inquiries and direction from Senior Leadership to perform the daily operations activities for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SClF), including detailed recording, tracking, and reporting of information.

Products and Services
checkSCIF Management Reporting (facility checklists, access rosters, logs, etc.)
checkCounterintelligence Situational Status
Counterintelligence Data Performance Measures Reports
checkVisitor Authorization Requests
SCIF Self-Assessment Reports

Maintaining classified inventory
Classified Inventory Reportscheck
Classified Destruction Reportscheck
checkE-Cart Records Management Reports

E-Stars database


Liaison Reportscheck

SAP Management

LSINC  professionals provide executive support to Special Access Program Central Office (SAPCO) Directors of SAP facilities.

Products and Services
checkProcess Visitor ingress/egress, escort, and interface
checkVisitor Authorization Requests
Perform general clerical duties (i.e. arrange travel, manage correspondence, update calendars, manage time sheets, etc.)
Maintain SAPCO program sponsorship
checkConduct special studies research and analysis

Maintain SAPCO calendar of events
checkConduct special studies research and analysis
checkMaintain SAP program briefings and reporting requirements

SAPCO organizational planningcheck
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