LSINC Corporation buys building in Cummings Research Park; move planned in early August

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HUNTSVILLE, AL, June 19, 2018 — LSINC Corporation today announced that is has purchased a building in Cummings Research Park (CRP) in Huntsville, AL. The purchase will allow LSINC to better serve current customers during a time of rapid growth, as well as allow for planned, targeted expansion into new markets.

“Purchasing a building is our commitment to our customers, employees, and the community,” said Alicia Ryan, CEO. “We will have significantly more space to work multiple product development projects and more easily accommodate propriety and classified projects, as well as work our own research and design initiatives. The company was founded in Huntsville 10 years ago, and our plan is to keep our headquarters here as we pursue new opportunities.”

The company’s new location is 490 Discovery Drive, a 51,300 square foot facility with 36,000 square feet of laboratory and manufacturing space that includes a loading dock and two drive-in doors. Assisting LSINC in site selection were Binswanger Management Company and Samples Properties. Fuqua and Partners Architects is assisting with the remodeling and design.

The building will feature a specially designed innovation space with a collaborative environment for creative meetings with clients when launching the design phase of the product development process.
“By integrating our strategy approach with the product development process, we help clients think through all the possibilities and markets for how a product can be used prior to starting the design phase,” said Robert Lightfoot, President. “Our Strategy Assurance™ approach results in products that are engineered for the right solutions.” The innovation space also will be used for internal R&D meetings for LSINC-branded products.

Cummings Research Park is the second largest research park in the country and home to nearly 300 companies. LSINC first moved to CRP in April 2017 to accommodate business growth.

About LSINC Corporation
LSINC Corporation provides product development, engineering, strategy, strategic communications, intelligence and security solutions to commercial and government clients. Product development and engineering services include design and analysis, prototyping, test, and low-volume adaptable production, with expertise in digital printing, military, law enforcement, medical, industrial, and consumer product markets. LSINC Corporation is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.