LSINC President Robert Lightfoot To Transition to Advisory Board

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Huntsville, AL (April 29, 2019) – LSINC Corporation announced today that Robert Lightfoot will transition from his position as President of LSINC to the company’s Advisory Board where his expertise will be applied to the company’s innovations in engineering design, product development, manufacturing services, and business strategies.

Lightfoot joined LSINC as President after retiring from his 30-year career at NASA which boasted a fifteen-month tenure as the Acting Administrator, which he served as while maintaining his position as Chief Operating Officer as the Associate Administrator of NASA. During his tenure at LSINC, Lightfoot was awarded awarded the prestigious Dr. Robert H. Goddard Memorial Trophy in recognition of his exceptional service to the space and aeronautics industry for the United States of America.

“Robert’s contributions to our mission during his time at LSINC have been fantastic.” remarks CEO, Alicia Ryan. “His leadership enhanced our culture of continuous innovation and drove initiatives across industries. We look forward to his continued leadership as part of the Advisory Board.”

“I want to thank my fellow innovators and collaborators for an exceptional experience. LSINC team members have a passion for making ideas a reality, and a commitment to the success of clients that made me proud to participate in these unique endeavors. ” Lightfood comments.


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