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Growing Support

June 7th, 2019|

On Thursday, June 6, LSINC CEO Alicia Ryan along with Senator Arthur Orr accepted donations on behalf of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering Foundation. LSINC is honored to have a CEO so devoted to the children of her community. Thank you to Davidson Technologies and Torch Technologies for sharing the same devotion.

Positively LSINC

June 6th, 2019|

Judith Shaver, our Director of Business Development at LSINC, had been at LSINC only a month when she made a change that will affect how LSINC employees view their company and themselves forever. See what happened, and how it became positively LSINC.

Print the Rainbow

May 23rd, 2019|

What happens when LSINC engineers need to print onto a clear bottle but don’t want to risk UV light refraction damaging any printheads? The whole team puts their heads together to come up with a solution!

Switching Gears

May 9th, 2019|

How does LSINC celebrate the coming of spring? Thanks to Patrick, our Director of Scheduling and Production, this year it was with the High Bay Picnic! Everyone brought something to contribute and fired up the grill during their lunch break. As the instigator, Patrick said it was, “just a way to be together, for everyone to contribute...because everybody brought a little something. It was a chance to chill out and be together outside of work.”

Breakfast Briefing

May 7th, 2019|

Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce Delegation was hosted for a Breakfast Briefing with Senator Shelby and Senator Doug Jones. Other guest speakers included Senator Mitch McConnell and several others.

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