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Community Collectively Achieves Milestones for Alabama Magnet School

June 28th, 2019|

LSINC CEO and President of the Alabama School of Cyber-Technology and Engineering Foundation Alicia Ryan was present at Redstone Federal Credit Union for the announcement regarding Alabama’s coming residential magnet school with a focus on engineering and cyber technology for our states brightest students. Read more to find out what happened!

Aluminum Footprint

June 13th, 2019|

As a corporation, LSINC strives to create a BIG impact for our clients—through product development, manufacturing & assembly and business solutions—while leaving a small footprint on our environment, for ourselves, our families, our country, and our world. Recycling is a huge opportunity that is severely underused in the United States today. See what LSINC is doing to give back to the planet!

Growing Support

June 7th, 2019|

On Thursday, June 6, LSINC CEO Alicia Ryan along with Senator Arthur Orr accepted donations on behalf of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering Foundation. LSINC is honored to have a CEO so devoted to the children of her community. Thank you to Davidson Technologies and Torch Technologies for sharing the same devotion.

Positively LSINC

June 6th, 2019|

Judith Shaver, our Director of Business Development at LSINC, had been at LSINC only a month when she made a change that will affect how LSINC employees view their company and themselves forever. See what happened, and how it became positively LSINC.

Print the Rainbow

May 23rd, 2019|

What happens when LSINC engineers need to print onto a clear bottle but don’t want to risk UV light refraction damaging any printheads? The whole team puts their heads together to come up with a solution!

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