History and Future of LSINC Corporation
Sensing a shortage of companies devoted to working with senior leaders to develop strategies for the future, Alicia Ryan started LSINC in 2008. After four years of tremendous growth, LSINC acquired Inergi, Inc. in June of 2012 and expanded its services to offer product development, engineering, rapid prototyping, and federal intelligence and security services.

LSINC currently provides intelligence and security support to the federal government in Alaska, California, Virginia, Alabama, and Washington D.C. As LSINC continues to grow we will expand our presence to more locations across the United States.



LSINC’s Full History
Leadership Strategies, Inc. was incorporated on April 14, 2008.  In four short years, it gained a significant reputation for expertise in leadership consulting within the federal government, commercial, and international clients. Sensing a shortage of companies devoted to working with senior leaders developing strategies for the future, Alicia Ryan opened the company to address their needs. The small business began at her home with no investments and five employees working around her dining room table. After a few short months, they moved into their first office.  Throughout its first four years, LSINC managed to grow in a challenging economy and remain debt-free. That dining room table, now a sentimental token in the new office, continues to be a melting pot for collaboration and brainstorming amongst the team. In order to better serve her clients, Alicia formed LSINC on November 18, 2011. LSINC acquired the assets of Leadership Strategies, Inc. shortly afterwards.With the launch of LSINC the staff began expanding the capabilities established by Leadership Strategies, Inc. to include Government Intelligence Support Services, Counterintelligence, Communication Strategies, as well as Test and Evaluation.

In June of 2012, LSINC acquired the assets of Inergi, Inc. and began offering turn-key, lifecycle product development including product engineering, rapid prototyping, technical documentation, scale models, mock-ups, and full sized simulators. LSINC is a woman-owned small business (EDWOSB). As LSINC strives to grow our presence and expand our capabilities, we will continue our mission to provide our customers with innovative solutions derived through collaboration and multiple perspectives while staying true to our core values, providing a positive work environment, and giving back to our community.