The LSINC team is made up of senior leaders, business strategists and analysts, engineers, product developers, strategic communication professionals, and security and intelligence experts who gather intelligence, interpret data, and communicate findings relevant to the leaders, companies, and agencies we serve.

Each project team collaborates internally, leverages expertise from multiple perspectives, and is independently structured to customize the approach based on the organization’s specific needs.

Senior Leaders Counterintelligence Program Protection
LSINC senior leaders have diverse backgrounds in engineering, intelligence, security, defense, manufacturing, and analytics and possess deep expertise in executive leadership, federal service, and strategy development. LSINC Counterintelligence (CI) professionals conduct CI activities to detect, identify, assess, exploit, penetrate, degrade and counter or neutralize foreign intelligence collection efforts, sabotage, espionage, and terrorist activities. LSINC Program Protection professionals plan and assess antiterrorism, physical security, and insider threat programs to deliver trusted systems and ensure that programs adequately protect technology, components, and information.
Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Insider Threat SCIF
LSINC SCRM teams provide expertise in System Security Engineering (SSE), Program Protection (PP) and Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) to mitigate and manage risks to advanced technology and mission-critical system functionality from foreign collection, design vulnerability or supply chain exploitation/insertion, and battlefield loss throughout the acquisition lifecycle. LSINC Insider Threat professionals assimilate, evaluate, and interpret multiple sources of information to detect foreign intelligence, criminal and insider threats. Activities include assisting with drafting requirements and gathering relevant information from the Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Counterintelligence (CI) communities. LSINC Security and Intelligence professionals assist with requests, inquiries, and direction from Senior Leadership to perform the daily operations activities for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SClF), including detailed recording, tracking, and reporting of information. 
Strategists Business Analysts  Engineers
LSINC strategists have defined the strategic directions and frameworks for Fortune 100 corporations and federal agencies, as well as small to mid-sized companies looking for guidance as they pursue new opportunities. LSINC business analysts are seasoned professionals who gather client data, analyze business intelligence, and prepare final recommendations for clients seeking federal and commercial market information. LSINC’s accomplished engineering team spans several disciplines including mechanical, electrical, and aerospace. We also have licensed professional engineers on staff.
Communications Strategists  Product Developers  Subject Matter Experts (SME)
LSINC strategic communications professionals have extensive experience crafting clear, concise messages and developing the strategies to disseminate those messages to internal and external stakeholders. LSINC product developers draw on a variety of engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, documentation, and production disciplines to create products that are well designed, fully functional, appealing to consumers, and positioned for market success. Depending on the project, LSINC draws from a broad pool of well-qualified subject matter experts. Each SME has extensive experience in a specific industry.