Our product development team leverages sound engineering principles, broad design experience, in-house rapid prototyping, and external vendor relationships to bring your ideas to reality. We collaborate with you to define the product requirements and deliver concepts and architectures, which meet those needs. Our engineering design work is informed by our experience and, as appropriate, FEA analysis. Intermediate prototypes are leveraged to obtain feedback on fit, form, and function. The final design is documented to allow fabrication by any vendor. To ensure a successful handoff to manufacturing, we provide technical support while you bring your vendors online.

Engineering & Analysis

Our engineers are with you every step of the way, from the initial requirement definition to the handoff to contract manufacturing. This includes concept development, product architecture, mechanical design, reverse engineering, FEA analysis, test and validation, documentation, and manufacturing enablement.

Products and Services
Generate product concepts and architecture, identifying and pricing key components/subsystems at the outset
checkDesign the mechanical system including developing mechanisms, specifying materials, and applying sound engineering principles
checkReverse engineer desired components or sub-systems for which information is not readily available
checkComplete thermal and/or structural FEA analysis using the Autodesk suite of tools
checkUtilize prototypes for initial testing and validation, as appropriate
checkGenerate a full engineering documentation package documenting materials, geometry, and purchased components
checkProvide technical support during the handoff to contract manufacturers or other volume producers

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping team is able to draw upon a variety of production methods including 3D printing, cast urethane, machining, and routing. We understand the value of a polished prototype in representing the product and take great care in producing highly realistic prototypes.

Products and Services
check2Produce economical poly jet prototypes in as little as 24 hours using an Objet 3-D printer
check2Utilize polyjet prototypes to facilitate decisions on form and function early in the development process
check2Create silicone tooling used to produce plastic parts for prototypes or initial production
checkDeliver high impact, ABS-like cast-urethane parts with production like surface finishes and embedded color
checkLeverage a reliable network of domestic and off shore injection molders for full production quantities
checkMachine metal and plastic parts in our fully equipped CNC machine shop
checkRoute a variety of materials on one of two CNC routers
checkProvide custom paint completed in one of two on site paint booths–down draft with temperature control and side draft
check Recondition used plastic encasements to a “like new” state

Scale Models & Simulators

The breadth of engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities found at LSINC positions us to build full-size mock-ups, scale models, and training simulators for federal and commercial clients. Our full-size mock-ups serve as demonstration units as well as training simulators. Built to full scale and true to every detail, these quality mock-ups will leave you wondering, “Is it real, or is it . . .”

Products and Services
checkReverse engineer existing hardware when no documentation exists
checkScale the full sized design to the desired footprint
checkCrafted with extreme fidelity and attention to detail
checkEngineer the models for the durability needed to survive handling and transport
checkCreate non-firing weapon replicas for both training and transport across foreign borders
checkDeliver compact models which meet the size constraints of events such as trade show exhibits, lobby displays, and sales meetings
checkRespond rapidly to meet time sensitive deadlines.

Low-Volume Adaptable Production

To help our clients launch into production we offer Low Volume Adaptive Production (LVAP), which is small scale contract manufacturing specifically intended to manufacture, assemble, test, and package low quantities of products.

Products and Services
checkReduce costs associated with technology transfer and down time
checkAdapt and implement desired changes to the line production units
checkApply our ISO 9001:2008 certified production, manufacturing, and quality processes to every LVAP project
checkProvides dedicated work cells
checkMaintains quality of the initial design throughout production
checkCommunicate recommendations and corrective actions on complex issues as needed
checkEnable a smooth transition into contract manufacturing
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