Leaders and organizations in all markets must continuously adjust to shifting environments and dynamic scenarios, such as taking advantage of new opportunities, adjusting to new regulations, managing risk, and improving operational efficiency. An agile, adaptable approach systematically applied across the enterprise can quickly solve the issues of today and prepare leaders for the decisions of tomorrow.  LSINC, armed with a team comprised of diverse perspectives, employs its proprietary methodology, Strategy Assurance® to assist leaders in better understanding the issues and identifying solutions. Taking a collaborative approach using multiple viewpoints ensures that LSINC is able to answer hard questions with data-driven answers and provide you with Strategy Assurance® going forward.


Strategy Development

LSINC understands what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s ever-changing market. Taking advantage of new opportunities, adjusting to new regulations, managing risk, and improving operational efficiency must be approached strategically. An agile, adaptable approach must be systematically applied across the enterprise to solve the issues of today and prepare leaders for the decisions of tomorrow.

Products and Services
check2Identify key components to successfully position an organization for future business growth through LSINC’s proprietary Strategy Assurance® methodology
check2Manage large-scale change: entering new markets, on-boarding new leadership, loss of a major contract
check2Research-based organizational change-management plans, developed in accordance with the organization’s mission and vision
check2Facilitate leadership strategic discussions to assimilate fresh ideas, hard decisions, and new paths forward
check2Customized, agile strategic plans that are suited to an organization’s mission and goals
check2Align leaders with a strategic direction, create champions for the initiative, define roles and responsibilities, and develop metrics for evaluation

Strategic Communications

LSINC’s strategic communications services are developed on a foundation of research and analysis. Our experienced  professionals have the technical proficiency to craft overarching messages, develop comprehensive plans, and strategically implement our capabilities to achieve the maximum impact on the right stakeholders.

Products and Services
checkResearch and analyze the environment
checkConduct internal and external stakeholder research and analysis for effective communications
checkCreate communications standards and implement innovations
checkDevelop overarching messaging that is aligned with strategic business goals
checkBuild communications materials; speeches, presentations, and talking points for executives
checkCompose reports based on analysis to assist executives in decision making and executive communications
checkManage engagements for executives, consistent with personal and professional roles; high targeted on key stakeholders
checkCoach executives on public speaking and outreach
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Research & Analysis

LSINC understands the information needed to drive strategic business decisions. Researching industries, companies, and capabilities utilizing government databases and other open-source resources, our experienced analysts discover the pertinent data and develop the intelligence to reach your business goals.

Products and Services
checkConduct high-level, thorough evaluations of internal and external markets
checkDevelop monthly, customized reports for organizations’ business intelligence purposes
checkPerform gap identification analysis for organizational and market characteristics
checkProvide organizations with data-driven recommendations to make complex decisions
checkAnalyze market size, stability, growth potential, trends, competitors, customers, stakeholders, and other factors
checkAnalyze and synthesize federal contract data to identify potential gaps, redundancies, and areas of need
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Supply Chain Management

LSINC supply chain management professionals strategically evaluate user requests for new or modified programs and business processes to determine feasibility, cost, time required and compatibility to current system and its capabilities.

Products and Services
check2Guide functional owners to utilize supply chain management initiatives in order to meet business objectives
check2Evaluate requests or business initiatives to ensure alignment and integration with other functional areas
check2Maintain subject matter expert on implementing supply chain strategy, sales and operations planning, supply chain planning/performance, and inventory management
checkPerform ongoing research and analysis to improve supply chain management processes
checkDevelop supply chain management roadmaps and monitor the status of ongoing supply chain management initiatives
checkEffectively communicate and provide recommendations and corrective actions on complex issues
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